JuanHand | WeFund Lending Corp. facilitates a Conducive Partnership with CIBI

An insightful discussion was held between JuanHand | WeFund Lending Corp and Credit Information Bureau Inc. (CIBI) and was attended by CIBI CEO Yolanda Zubieta, CIBI Fintech Head of Sales Krizelle Lazatin, JuanHand CEO Francisco Mauricio, JuanHand Senior Legal Specialist Mark Lemuel Tubello, and JuanHand Strategic Procurement Head Gio David Bagtas.

The gathering centered on JuanHand and CIBI’s collaboration towards comprehensive and credible data gathering and analytical processes. CIBI is one of the accredited Special Accessing Entity (SAE) of the Credit Information Corporation (CIC) and is the 1st one to get a license for Advance Tier underscoring its commitment to pioneering innovation in credit assessment.

The partnership between JuanHand | WeFund Lending Corp. and CIBI holds immense potential in streamlining the lending processes that can help in enhancing risk management frameworks. It also delves into the assistance that CIBI can provide to JuanHand | WeFund Lending Corp. in evaluating the creditworthiness of potential borrowers.

JuanHand | WeFund Lending Corp. pledges to continuously partner with different public and private sectors to constantly provide the best possible financial assistance to its consumers. The collaboration is another step for JuanHand | WeFund Lending Corp. to enhance and carry on with its mission to ensure excellent borrowing experience to every Juan.

The meeting optimistically ended with both parties expressing enthusiasm about the possible transformative result of the collaboration in fostering innovation, efficiency, and responsible lending practices, ultimately benefiting the business and consumers alike.

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