Why Choose
1Use your mobile number to register in our APP
2Type in complete and relevant information
3Select loan amount and term to start loan application
4Wait for approval
5Wait 5 min. for loan disbursement
Use your mobile number to register in our APP

What is JuanHand?
JuanHand provides instant lending and other personalized financial services to Filipinos with a smartphone, regardless of their credit history.
How do I apply for a loan?
Simply, download the JuanHand app, sign-up using your mobile number; complete your profile with the required personal information and contacts information (for verification and repayment); and click apply!
What If I have been denied the loan?
You can resubmit the loan application according to the hint.
Where can I receive the cash money?
Once your loan is approved then it will be deposited to your e-walltr or you can witdraw it over the counter.
How to Repay?
Find the repayment channel that is most convient to you (7-Eleven, G-Cash, RD Pawnshop, M. Lhuillier), use repayment code and valid ID to finish the repayment.
Where can I see my loan application status?
Simply by doing this instructions:
1. Login to your account and you can easily check the status of your application.
2. You can also reach our CSR hotlines for the latest status of your application.
Once my loan was repaid can I request for A higher Limit?
We will update the amount based on your latest credit status, please maintain good repayment habits.