Stay Alert: A Guide on How to Spot Scams

In today’s digital world, it has become inevitable for consumers and corporations to fall into the trap of fake accounts and scammers especially in the fintech world. Nowadays, these pretenders pose by using false identities as a tactic to prey and scam others.

The #1 Leading Fintech Company in WeFund Lending Corp | JuanHand has also fallen victim to such deceitful acts. Given its leadership in the online lending space, WeFund Lending Corp. has become a prime target for scammers to use its reputation as leverage to exploit unsuspecting users. Because of this, the company has acknowledged the impact it has made on both the reputation of the company and the trust of its consumers.

WeFund Lending Corp. has been handling the necessary measures, but what proactive steps can their users take?

  1. Research and Verify: Do some research before engaging with any Fintech company to ensure its legitimacy. Go over the company’s official contact information and pages and verify its authenticity.
    • Is the fintech company compliant with applicable financial regulations and laws?
    • What are the official accounts (ex. social media pages, websites, applications) of the company?
      • Cross check these accounts, and make sure that they are legitimate
    • On their official social media pages, are there any deceptive posts or practices that other users should be aware of?
      • Deceptive or suspicious posts could mean that the page is not legitimate, and is using the Fintech company’s name to easily gain traction to scam individuals.
      • Most often, posts are very poor in quality as well and not well thought off. Meaning they don’t have the budget to have a proper Marketing Team build their image and communications.
    • Does their official website have complete information and display their credibility to its users?
      • A credible company displays their complete details across their pages, to ensure that they are transparent with their users.
    • Does the page have a good number of following and engagement with its users?
      • An account with a high follower count (consider that these are not fake accounts and paid followers), and consistent engagement with their users also exhibit credibility.
    • Are their contact details (ex. company email, hotline, etc.) verified by legitimate providers?
  2. Be aware: Learn and become familiar with the methods of scammers in order to detect them as early as possible. Some of these methods include Facebook groups, pages and accounts spreading disinformation such as links and invites. Other tactics also include freeloading which is accessing banking services without the intent of using them.
    • What is the official procedure and protocol of the company?
      • Most Fintech companies, including JuanHand, ensure proper engagement with users and address their needs and follow specific protocols when handling their users.
    • What modes of communication does the company use to contact their users?
      • More often than not, Fintech companies do not use informal accounts to reach out to clients through comments on social media. Joyriders as they are commonly called who promote their link on paid ads by legitimate companies will always be scammers. If they are not, then they should be able to afford putting up their own ads rather than riding on the ads of legitimate companies.
    • In the case that you receive a notice, was it sent by a verified account of the company?
      • A modus used by the scammers are commonly related to money and commissions through registration in the form of links.
    • Prior to the notice, were you informed that you will formally be contacted by a representative of the company?
      • Be sure to keep your personal information private, and avoid interacting with unaccredited representatives.
      • Validate and ensure that they are employees of the company and one way is by simply asking for their email address. If their email address is from a free email platform like yahoo or gmail, those are definitely posers. Any legit company like JuanHand, whose mother company is NYSE listed will never use a free email platform.
    • Were there misspelled words or unnecessary characters in the message sent?
      • When sending a notice to users, Fintech companies are clear and direct – avoiding any errors and characters to reestablish their reliability.
  3. Stay informed and spread the word: Keep up to date with the latest news on scams, and educate others on the dangers of getting scammed as well. Spreading information on these frauds help bring more awareness, and increase the likelihood of banning the fake accounts.
    • What security measures does the fintech company have in place to protect user data and transactions?
    • What specific products and services does the Fintech company offer?
      • Verifying the current products and services of the company helps avoid scams that involve promotions of ‘special product offers’.
    • What do users and customers say about their experience with the fintech company?
      • Reading reviews on the company and its pages can help users get a better understanding of the company’s reputation. This also cancels out fake accounts of the company

For reference, these are a few examples of scams that have been reported in the past.

As a company that will never tolerate such actions, WeFund Lending Corp. remains true to its values, ensuring only the best services for its consumers. The company stands with their consumers in their fight against these frauds, seeing to it that they are the utmost priority in these situations. In spite of this, WeFund Lending Corp. hopes that this may serve as a reminder to everyone to remain aware in order to avoid the dangers of these scams, and to encourage everyone to proactively report any suspicious activity.

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Additionally, it’s important to also take note that we do not manage any websites or social media accounts independently. Our company’s primary avenue of engagement is through our product, JuanHand.
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