JuanHand & PANA: Fostering Values in Advertising & Fintech

As a symbol of further pursuing responsible marketing communications, JuanHand has recently become a member of the Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA). This partnership sustains both parties in pursuit of a common goal – advocating for effective and responsible marketing practices.

JuanHand and PANA share a steadfast commitment to consumer protection, and values formation within the advertising and fintech industry. While focusing on elevating marketing communications to global standards, both organizations continue to stand at the forefront of promoting ethical business practices.  

JuanHand utilizes technology to foster financial inclusion and empower individuals to achieve their financial aspirations. Through their partnership with PANA, they can further emphasize their commitment to these innovative solutions such as fair interest rates, regulatory compliance, and engaging user experiences. JuanHand believes that their company can learn a lot from the expertise of PANA, which can aid them as they pursue their mission of promoting responsible borrowing as well.