JuanHand joins PMAP: Elevating Standards in Fintech and Employee Welfare

JuanHand, the #1 Fintech Lending App, has recently become a member of the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP), showcasing its unwavering commitment to its customers and employees alike. This move underscores JuanHand’s dedication to fostering a supportive work environment and upholding operational standards, ultimately leading to the delivery of unparalleled service to its consumers.

PMAP membership offers JuanHand invaluable opportunities for deepening its understanding of people management and employee development. The Induction Ceremony was held during the 693rd PMAP General Membership Meeting last March 20, 2024, welcoming JuanHand together with 9 other companies. Through these transformative events held by PMAP, JuanHand gains insights into best practices, including compensation alignment and manpower service provider utilization. In line with JuanHand’s mission is its profound appreciation for employees, paralleling its dedication to consumer satisfaction. Joining PMAP allows JuanHand to connect with HR peers, reinforcing its commitment to employee welfare and industry best practices.  

JuanHand learns the importance of aligning compensation practices with market standards, ensuring fair treatment and motivation for employees. By prioritizing excellence in people management, JuanHand sets a benchmark for workplace culture and organizational success where employees are valued, empowered, and inspired.