JuanHand joins CLAP’s first roundtable discussion with SEC

Members of CLAP (Consumer Lending Association of the Philippines), the first and only association composed of the leading Online Lending Platforms (OLPs), recently held their first roundtable discussion with the Securities and Exchange Commission to discuss a broad range of topics with the aim of rapidly expanding financial inclusion. JuanHand actively participated on the event in constant pursuit to its ongoing dedication to be involved in key gatherings that offer invaluable insights and knowledge. By consistently doing so, JuanHand exemplify its commitment to enhancing credibility and nurturing a positive reputation. This proactive approach not only instills confidence to its consumers but also showcases JuanHand’s goal to be an excellent and trustworthy provider of top-notch services to everyJuan.

The first ever Roundtable Discussion was attended by SEC Commissioner Bryant Fernandez and held at the SEC Headquarters in Makati. Critical topics on the Philippine fintech lending industry were discussed such as regulatory compliance and policies, emerging trends and insights and strategic initiatives for 2024. JuanHand supported CLAP as it aligned with SEC’s priorities and shared suggestions that can help the underserved gain financial literacy and empowerment.

The CEO of JuanHand and President of CLAP, Mr. Francisco Mauricio committed to the SEC that the organization will actively engage with the government’s efforts to offer financial services to those needing it most. He also emphasized that JuanHand is one with CLAP’s commitment in supporting the SEC as it promotes responsible lending and safeguarding consumer rights.

The roundtable discussion between CLAP and SEC reflects the deep partnership between the private industry and the government stakeholders in uplifting the lives of the Filipinos by harnessing the transformative potential of technology to democratize financial services.

JuanHand’s membership in CLAP demonstrates its firm dedication to delivering excellent service to its borrowers as it even spearheads the organization that promotes legitimate and government-compliant lending processes. By taking this into consideration, customers can find assurance that JuanHand is actively engaged in initiatives aimed at providing them with the best possible loan experience.

For more information and updates, you can visit https://www.sec.gov/.

Attendees included Commissioner Bryant Fernandez (seated, 2nd from left), Asst Director Kenneth Joy Quimio (seated first left) and Mr. Francisco ‘Coco’ Mauricio (seated center, CEO of JuanHand & President of CLAP), together with other members of CLAP.