JuanHand joins a Data Privacy Fireside Chat with the NPC

JuanHand participated in a Data Privacy Fireside Chat that happened last February 2024, at the Discovery Suites Ortigas between the Consumer Lending Association of Philippines (CLAP) and National Privacy Commission (NPC) Deputy Commissioner Atty. Leandro “Dino” Aguirre. Deputy Commissioner Aguirre initiated the dialogue with the goal of enhancing knowledge about data privacy and securing regulatory commitment amongst leaders of the Online Lending Platform industry sector, thus cultivating a culture of trust and integrity with the borrowers.

Various topics have been addressed, including but not limited to Alternative Data Usage, Data Scraping and Research, Proper Approach to Debt Collection, Fraud Investigation, Data Sharing, and Erasure rights, Credit Score Accessibility and Blacklisting Fraudsters. Deputy Privacy Commissioner Aguirre emphasized the importance of adopting a sectoral code on data processing practices and standards.

The event provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of data privacy within the online lending industry. NPC reiterated its commitment to collaborating with both the private and public sectors to address challenges and promote responsible data practices across the country.

JuanHand CEO and CLAP President,, Mr. Francisco Mauricio shared that JuanHand is committed to attending more of these interactive and meaningful discussions among Government Stakeholders in order to support the growth of the fintech loan industry, promote responsible borrowing and rapidly expand financial inclusion across the nation.

For more information and updates, you can visit https://privacy.gov.ph/.